The End is Near!

Two people’s lives have been condensed into 34 boxes varying in size from a small cd book to the largest at 2’x3’x2′.  Twelve of those boxes are records and books.  Art supplies make up a substantial remainder.  My old-skool Christmas decorations have been trimmed to a single box, as have my kitchen supplies and clothes.  The remaining boxes contain other “essentials”.  I think we’ve done well.

It hasn’t gotten easier, all of this purging. I still wince when I throw my favorite candle holder into the Goodwill box, or the food processor, or a pair of shoes I like but seldom wear…

We’ve found a home for Daphne the Wunderkat down the street in our neighbor’s awesome barn, which is a relief. All the tools are sold, our art collection has been hung in the homes of our Olympia friends, and all but the coffee table and camping chairs have been rehomed as well.

My brain is buzzing and my back hurts.  I am ready for this part to be over, and for the next chapter to begin. Even while I curse the cold and rain, I try breathe in as much of the deep living earthiness that permeates our forest, delighting in the blooming of jonquils and crocuses and wedding bell trees and the unfurling of tiny leaves that covers all with a pale green mist.  I will miss our house in the woods.  I will miss the Pacific Northwest.

I’m looking forward to leaving now, though. It will be good to see old friends, California, and being on the road always calms my restless heart.

Now, though, it is time for Thai takeout consumed in a mostly empty living room.


The Stacks Must Go

Today I am having major problems with my neck and upper back (I must have pulled something when I was scrubbing and moving boxes yesterday), which means the only logical recourse is to take a day of rest and finally deal with my dreaded Stacks.

I’m a stacker.  I stack papers, photos, cards, magazines, cds, bills, the useless with the important, the time sensitive with the inconsequential; anything flat can be stacked.  I stack the flat stuff neatly:  Wherever there is an unsightly pile of flat stuff just sitting around, it becomes a more pleasing stack as I move past.

Moving time usually means I intend to deal with the stacks, and inevitably the stacks get pushed aside, dumped into a box, and reappear at my new home, at which time I am so disgusted that the stack box ends up pushed to the back of the closet to be dealt with “later”.

Not this time.  Since we’re not taking anything with us that can’t fit in the Xterra* I can’t fall back on my old stack saving ways.  The stacks must go, and today is the day.

Wish me luck.

*With the exception of a few key items that will be shipped ahead.  Key items may not include stacks, junk, plastic ninjas, bacon band-aids, useless crap, or other undesirables.

On the move….again

This time featuring a delicious twist!

Mister Jacks (the artist previously known as Tyson, Tyrone, DJ TyTron, etc.) and I have decided that this move will be handled more efficiently and with much less stuff than our journey from Los Angeles to Washington.  Us versus the 27-foot U-Haul and all of the Very Important Stuff packed inside as we traversed the Pacific Northwest was enough to make any person lose his (or her) sanity (or hair or “cool”).  We won’t be revisiting that experience.  Even my coveted 1960’s Mikasa dish set is going.  *weep*

I will repost the travel plans as the day of departure draws near in case anyone is interested in hooking up along the way, but here’s a tentative sneak peek:

March 31 – April 2:  Olympia > Hoquiam

April 3: Hoquiam to as far as we can make it in the direction of San Francisco.

April 3/4 – April 8:  San Francisco

April 8 – April 14:  travel to and landing in Los Angeles

April 14: departure for Dallas.  Possible layover in Phoenix, or the Grand Canyon if we’re feeling adventurous.

Somewhere in the in-between time of Los Angeles and Dallas we’ll be stopping in Midland/Odessa for hellos.

We’ll stay in Dallas a few days then head to Austin.  We hope to be in Austin by April 23.

Today I’m just trying to stay calm and focused and enjoy the last days here in our woodland home.  The crocuses are blooming, and in town where there’s more sunlight, the medians are bursting with daffodils and the first cherry blossoms.

I’m still trying to force normalcy of out of my life, though we’re only eleven days away from departure.  I’m taking time out to work on my gluten free thin mint recipe, have tea and sausages, and watch documentaries with Mister Jacks.  The wind is raging outside, and the rain is falling in perfectly diagonal lines.  The pine trees are dancing way up high, and the earthy smells of spring wafting up through the ground, on which winter is reluctantly loosing its grip.  At the moment, I am watching this quite contentedly from my cozy chair, wearing pajamas and pretending there’s nothing to do.

Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll resume moving.  For now I am trying to soak in all the parts of Washington I know I will miss.