On the move….again

This time featuring a delicious twist!

Mister Jacks (the artist previously known as Tyson, Tyrone, DJ TyTron, etc.) and I have decided that this move will be handled more efficiently and with much less stuff than our journey from Los Angeles to Washington.  Us versus the 27-foot U-Haul and all of the Very Important Stuff packed inside as we traversed the Pacific Northwest was enough to make any person lose his (or her) sanity (or hair or “cool”).  We won’t be revisiting that experience.  Even my coveted 1960’s Mikasa dish set is going.  *weep*

I will repost the travel plans as the day of departure draws near in case anyone is interested in hooking up along the way, but here’s a tentative sneak peek:

March 31 – April 2:  Olympia > Hoquiam

April 3: Hoquiam to as far as we can make it in the direction of San Francisco.

April 3/4 – April 8:  San Francisco

April 8 – April 14:  travel to and landing in Los Angeles

April 14: departure for Dallas.  Possible layover in Phoenix, or the Grand Canyon if we’re feeling adventurous.

Somewhere in the in-between time of Los Angeles and Dallas we’ll be stopping in Midland/Odessa for hellos.

We’ll stay in Dallas a few days then head to Austin.  We hope to be in Austin by April 23.

Today I’m just trying to stay calm and focused and enjoy the last days here in our woodland home.  The crocuses are blooming, and in town where there’s more sunlight, the medians are bursting with daffodils and the first cherry blossoms.

I’m still trying to force normalcy of out of my life, though we’re only eleven days away from departure.  I’m taking time out to work on my gluten free thin mint recipe, have tea and sausages, and watch documentaries with Mister Jacks.  The wind is raging outside, and the rain is falling in perfectly diagonal lines.  The pine trees are dancing way up high, and the earthy smells of spring wafting up through the ground, on which winter is reluctantly loosing its grip.  At the moment, I am watching this quite contentedly from my cozy chair, wearing pajamas and pretending there’s nothing to do.

Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll resume moving.  For now I am trying to soak in all the parts of Washington I know I will miss.


2 thoughts on “On the move….again

  1. You did. I gave it up anyway. Less emotional baggage and all that nonsense. 🙂

    I’m excited, too! It will be nice to catch up and have some face time with you (and my other peoples).

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