The Stacks Must Go

Today I am having major problems with my neck and upper back (I must have pulled something when I was scrubbing and moving boxes yesterday), which means the only logical recourse is to take a day of rest and finally deal with my dreaded Stacks.

I’m a stacker.  I stack papers, photos, cards, magazines, cds, bills, the useless with the important, the time sensitive with the inconsequential; anything flat can be stacked.  I stack the flat stuff neatly:  Wherever there is an unsightly pile of flat stuff just sitting around, it becomes a more pleasing stack as I move past.

Moving time usually means I intend to deal with the stacks, and inevitably the stacks get pushed aside, dumped into a box, and reappear at my new home, at which time I am so disgusted that the stack box ends up pushed to the back of the closet to be dealt with “later”.

Not this time.  Since we’re not taking anything with us that can’t fit in the Xterra* I can’t fall back on my old stack saving ways.  The stacks must go, and today is the day.

Wish me luck.

*With the exception of a few key items that will be shipped ahead.  Key items may not include stacks, junk, plastic ninjas, bacon band-aids, useless crap, or other undesirables.


2 thoughts on “The Stacks Must Go

  1. mom says:

    i have a friend who has a sign..
    her sign reads “artists are pilers, not filers”
    so at least we can feel good about our bad
    habit and know that we come by it honestly.

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