Fun-Time Writersizing

One of the most important things about writing, I’ve been told,  is that you must write every day.  Even just a little.  Even if it’s not part of the novel you’re trying to complete.  Just exercise your writer’s brain.  For me, this seems to be the biggest challenge and, simultaneously, the best thing to keep me going.  Miss one day, and BAM! I’m off the tracks and it’s much harder to fall back into the flow than any diet, work-out, or no smoking exercise I’ve ever cheated.  Though this exercise isn’t a completely novel* one, Tytron and I have created a short story writing game to keep me pushing that pen even when I’m not working on anything specific, or if I just have writer’s block.  Here’s how we do it.  Read up, because I’d love to make this a group exercise for those of you willing to join me.

  1. Get out your dictionaries: We’re using a rhyming dictionary right now, primarily because I’ve lost our real dictionary, but the unintentional benefit of which is that we end up with words that are more likely to show up in day-to-day life.  Open  it to ten random spots and choose ten random words by blindly poking your finger at the page.  If your finger picks two words, you get to choose. I suggest choosing the more ridiculous of the two.
  2. Choose a setting: This can be  anything from spaceship to sidewalk cafe to Utah to in the car.
  3. Choose a condition: Some examples of this might be raining heavily, elderly characters, everyone has severe allergies, or any other random condition that needs to be worked into the story.
  4. Write a story: For clarification, you may change keywords’ tenses and plural/singular state, etc.  Highlight your keywords.
  5. Comment with the link to your blog and tag me and other participants back.  I’ll be sharing my weekly words and story.  Please join in.


The Words

  1. pistachios
  2. elves
  3. social
  4. ant
  5. idiom
  6. sequence
  7. doubter
  8. achieve
  9. merchandising
  10. wild-eyed

Setting: The jungle

Condition:  It’s always dark

OK, go.  🙂

*see what I did there?


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