FTW – Week 2

If you haven’t seen the original post about Fun-Time Writersizing, you may see the rules here.

Week 2

I did not have company in last week’s endeavor, so hopefully one of you will join in the fun this week.  Until then, I’ll continue trying to convince you to play with me using my poorly and hastily written stories as bait.  Is it working?  See below for this week’s words.  Stories are due Sunday!  Enjoy.  🙂

Week 2 – 10 Keywords:

  1. technical
  2. intermittent
  3. mannequin
  4. agenda
  5. fetch
  6. anonymous
  7. hippie
  8. shoplifter
  9. vault
  10. contraband

Almost seems too easy, doesn’t it?  Oh, but wait – there’s more.

This week’s SETTING must be Post-Industrial and the CONDITION is that your human characters have cat ears and tails that betray their emotions.  Thank Tytron for that little gem.  Jerk.

See you on Sunday!


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