On the Move

I’m taking a small break from working on a particularly intense WordPress site project that is testing my outer limits as a low-level codemonkey.  Shopping cart plug-ins are my newest torture devices.  My brain hurts, so I stop.  I look around.  My office looks exactly the same as it did a month ago, as does my bedroom.

I am moving in eight days.  Cue panic. Continue reading


The Senseless Sorrow of Self-Pity

Well, there I go again, getting too slap-happy and stressed from work and upcoming move, and allowing myself to make over-the-top comments and politically incendiary posts on the Almighty Facebook, which, in turn further alienates people I like and respect and with whom I truly enjoy being friends.  I’m overwhelmed, under-rested, and over-caffeinated, and it’s not doing me any good to allow myself these contentious moments.  What surprises me, however, are the moments in which I think I’m being amusing – hey, I amuse myself, does that count? – but either facebook is glitching out in a major way, or people are deleting my comments as quickly as I can make them.  Texts, too, are not being returned, but that could be blamed on the fact that my phone is beginning its long, slow death rattle despite my excellent scotch tape repair job. Continue reading

Hiatus + Another Move

Another FTW has come and gone. I did write my short story, but won’t be posting it at this time.  After quite a few pages (I won’t ever post anything longer than five pages here on the blog) I had a startling realization, which is that, unbeknownst to me, I have begun to flesh out a Universe I didn’t know existed.  The ties between all the stories I’ve tried to write in the past are there, clear as day to me now, though the plot of the greater tale has not made itself apparent to me.  Anyway, some small bits of unrelated stories are beginning to take shape and I’ll just have to keep writing my characters until the story appears.

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FTW – Week 3 Words

Here are your words for Week 3!  I will be taking a break starting the week after next to accommodate our unexpected, upcoming cross-country move.  Last week’s story is posted here, and we actually have another participant, the incorrigible Reginald Flapjack, who posted the link to his story in the comments area.  Thanks for joining in and encouraging me to finish, Reg!

List of 10

  1. bodyguard
  2. free-thinking
  3. ale
  4. antonymy
  5. hallucination
  6. spiral
  7. retard
  8. echo
  9. demented
  10. beach

Setting: tropical island – Condition: under construction


Invisible Kathy Bates

Hobbit-Monkey summit was going swimmingly up until last night, when, after a brisk hike at Walnut Creek, I demanded a visit to Barton Springs for late-night free swim.  We were waiting in the dark for the gates to open when I misstepped, tumbled down a short set of uneven, limestone steps and crack!  crunch! and crack! -ed both of my ankles.  One is clearly the sprained.  The other, I think, is also sprained, though Tyson seems to think I could have torn or broken something.  I’ve broken enough bones in my life to know what that feels like, and I think not. Continue reading