Hiatus + Another Move

Another FTW has come and gone. I did write my short story, but won’t be posting it at this time.  After quite a few pages (I won’t ever post anything longer than five pages here on the blog) I had a startling realization, which is that, unbeknownst to me, I have begun to flesh out a Universe I didn’t know existed.  The ties between all the stories I’ve tried to write in the past are there, clear as day to me now, though the plot of the greater tale has not made itself apparent to me.  Anyway, some small bits of unrelated stories are beginning to take shape and I’ll just have to keep writing my characters until the story appears.

I wonder sometimes about my processes in relation to creating art.  The visual arts aspect of my work is easy, in comparison to songwriting and writing.  Having the experience in graphic design and having to quickly churn out coupons, print collateral, logos, and websites to client spec has taught me a lot in terms of design efficiency and effectiveness.  This has also bled into my personal visual arts work, though I still have big weak spots in my drawing abilities that bother me.  My ability to put pencil to paper and accurately reproduce my vision has become much easier in the past few years.

In contrast, I usually write a song around a note or series of notes, and sometimes around a lyric.  It happens rarely.  When I’m with my bestie working on music, it feels easy, natural, and I have the ability to write as many songs in a few sittings with him as I am in a whole year by myself.  But why is it that way?

When I am writing, I am so immersed in my characters and setting that I have difficulty in adhering to or developing plot.  I wonder if I’d been formally educated in these areas, would this be easier?  Are these simply the issues that an artist deals with, n0 matter the training or background?

Fellow artists – can you tell me about your “process”?  Do you have one?  Does the art flow from you without abating, or do you sometimes need to force yourself to make art for practice’s sake?  Does doing so diminish your joy or give you satisfaction?  I’d love to hear what you have to say on the subject.

>>There won’t be any words for upcoming FTW until we’re settled in LA.  Thanks for playing, and I’ll see you on the flipside!


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