Viral Happiness

A few things of note have happened to me in the past two days.

  1. Script Submittal to Network
  2. Driver’s License is Obtained
  3. Worst Picture Taken of Me in All of History (see above)
  4. Shocking Hate Mail
  5. Life Lessons Regarding Internet Usage (see above)
  6. Viral Happiness

We sent in the real first draft of the script, as in, it went to the network, and not just to producers and directors for notes…as in, it cannot be taken back. We will now get notes back and requests for refinement/revision, or we won’t, which will mean our pilot is dead.  Two-and-a-half solid months of brutally long hours, and Baby 1 now hangs in the balance between life and death.  Our only job now is to get the second pilot in by Sunday night, which we’ve largely neglected as we wrote and rewrote (ad infinitum) Baby 1, which is now blessedly out of our hands.  Writing as a primary job is far more difficult than anything I’ve ever done.

I got around to renewing my CA driver license today after more than three years without one due to lack of necessity and lack of car, which has abruptly (the necessity part, at least) changed, now that we’re back in the expansive City of Angels and my commute, paired with my excessive work schedule, is prohibitively lengthy using only public transportation.  Three amazing things happened at my DMV visit today:

  1. I failed the written test by one question (you only get to miss three, but don’t get me started on the poor wording of these multiple choice questions and their ambiguous answers), and argued that the manual was wrong for one of the questions.  The lady in charge declined my challenge until I showed her the information in the drivers manual.  I look at stuff like this for a living, I said.  Miraculously, she actually cared enough to listen and I passed.
  2. The worst picture in the history of bad pictures of me was taken, and will now be on permanent record.  It was so bad that I laughed out loud when I saw it.  A perk of being in my mid-thirties:  I no longer give a single shit about the photo on my license. I’m kind of proud, actually.
  3. I did not cry.  If you knew about my previous experiences at the DMV, you would understand why this is a BFD.

Shocking Hate Mail is here, along with my thoughts on relearning how to communicate. (will link momentarily)

There was a moment on the subway the other night that made me smile.  And it makes me smile to remember it, over and over.  This is my moment of viral happiness.

An adorable, early twenty-something Latino kid in pinstriped pants and an argyle sweater vest was approached by a homeless man who wanted to talk about job security.  The kid very seriously and kindly had a discussion with the man.  The conversation itself made me smile, and when the kid looked my way and saw my amusement, he grinned and winked at me.  When he got off the train, he smiled at me again, radiantly, with such sweet innocent happiness, such an overwhelming happiness and joy blossomed within my own self, that I couldn’t help but smile the whole rest of the way home.

More people entered the train, and I accidentally kept smiling at them.  Some of them smiled back, and it made me laugh.  And they laughed.  And when they got off the train, they smiled at other people and people smiled back.

So this kid’s smile went viral that night, lifting spirits for no good reason whatsoever.

Try starting a viral smile.  We need more of that these days.


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