The Unbearable Brightness of Being

We sat on the porch last night around one o’clock and looked at the stars.  This isn’t something we usually do, simply because the twelve stars one can usually see in the Los Angeles night sky are underwhelming, at best.  Last night was different.  The sky was clear and the stars were sharp and cold and bright.  Mars, sparkling and pink, perched above the chimney of the cottage next door, and we watched the moon go down as the stars spun low in the arc of the sky.

The stardust sifted down on us imperceptibly as we watched their slow dance. Continue reading


2013 List of 100

My friend, Ari, over at Love them Apples, has inspired me to create my own list of 100 for this year.  I’m going to start and add to it as thoughtful things occur to me.  I’d love to see your list of 100!

  1. Spend time with my LA friends. (working on it)
  2. Get together with LA friends I haven’t met in person yet. (soon!)
  3. See Nate.
  4. Record an album.
  5. Play an open mic.
  6. Make weekly phone call to family member. Mom and Grandma don’t count. (so far, so good!)
  7. Make weekly phone call to out-of-state friend. Nate doesn’t count.  (doin’ it)
  8. Move off the couch and into our own house/apartment!  (looking at places now!)
  9. Let go of more stuff.  Stop acquiring more unnecessary things.
  10. Get a cat for Jackson.
  11. Build an indoor wall hanging herb garden.
  12. Go back to Austin.
  13. Write Mythical Creatures script 1.
  14. Write Mythical Creatures script 2.
  15. Write Mythical Creatures script 3.
  16. Adapt the first script into a novel.
  17. Build the bed frame I designed.
  18. Get married.
  19. Get medical card.
  20. Build a fold-out arts-and-crafts table.
  21. Make light designs I’ve been wanting to build.
  22. Go to at least 5 (live music) shows this year. (1 down)
  23. Go to at least 2 gallery openings this year.
  24. Go to more events where I don’t know anyone, be brave, and make friends. (1 so far)
  25. Make my banana girl painting.
  26. Improve my diet.
  27. Try to buy more local goods and food.
  28. Exercise more regularly.
  29. Spend a lot more time down town.
  30. Finish sewing that dress.
  31. Start a new pattern.
  32. Read at least six books this year.  (If I didn’t 12 hours a day reading for work, this number would be a lot higher.) Three of them should be nonfiction.
  33. Learn woodcarving.
  34. Learn how to make metal charms with SJ.
  35. Make tiny costumes for the cats.
  36. Grow a small-space garden.
  37. Mail at least 12 random cards to friends.
  38. Write a blog post every Friday. (I haven’t had time, but this is coming)
  39. Go to the underground tunnels in LA.
  40. Go camping at least three times.
  41. Go for a hike once per month. (January, check.)
  42. Take a yoga class.
  43. Cut dairy out of my diet, with the exception of parmesan cheese. Baby steps.
  44. Make a trip to San Francisco.
  45. Make a trip to Temecula.
  46. Go on a winery tour.
  47. Make a project out of 1 item per month that I would have trashed, but reuse for practical or decorative use, instead.  (January, done)
  48. Use my reusable grocery bags instead of forgetting them every time I go to the store.
  49. Make a string garden.
  50. Go to Catalina Island, see some buffalo, and scuba dive in Casino Bay.
  51. Try to reuse containers more (like taking my empty plastic containers to the store to get bulk items instead of bringing them home in plastic bags).