Past Lives, Part I of…who knows?

I’m going through my very, very old email to purge some of the stuff I don’t need anymore, and I have the distinct feeling I’m looking in on someone else’s life. This particular post is just about past jobs.  There’s so much more to the old email story, but I have to start with what doesn’t get me all emotional and fired up, because I ain’t got time for no existential crisis.  Continue reading


I need a vacation.

Gal pal Heather and I are starting a business.   It’s exciting stuff.  Good stuff.  Then I delve into LLCs and taxes and contracts, and I want to destroy everyone.  We have three business meetings tomorrow with potential new clients for fairly large projects.  I think that means this is the right path.

But I don’t want to tell you what it is yet.  We need to stay under the radar just in case we need to purchase illicit enriched uranium to power our super-awesome website-to-be.  We’re hoping to eventually convert the site into a time machine, and I’m sorry, but you can’t fuel a time machine with trash.  You shouldn’t believe everything Hollywood tells you. Anyway, I hear it’s important to keep a low profile in these situations.   I’m sure that just landed me on some kind of government watch list, by the way.  Which is fine, because apparently saying “pork” and “exercise” also triggers red flags in snooping software.  I never had a chance, people.

Speaking of snooping, how ’bout that Snowden?  And don’t forget Anonymous hacker, Deric Lostutter, who exposed the Stuebenville rapists (and could spend more time in jail for the hacking than they will for the rape…what). I don’t know what individuals can do to back these guys up, but it’s our turn to watch out for them since they risked everything to drop some truth on us.

constitutionOoh, side note:  In quick search for a link to Edward Snowden, stumbled across a band called Snowden that I think I like.  They must be freaking out at their recent site traffic increase.  Jackpot, dudes.  You lucky bastards.  Speaking of bands, this is some other business I’ve been into lately.  (That’s me an’ the bestie in Brooklyn, makin’ some demo tracks for future development.)

Tytron is finally back on the art horse; he has now delivered several of his large pieces for publishing and gallery sales and is busy working on a couple huge new abstract pieces.  We have his (and our collaborative) small encaustic pieces up now.  The shop isn’t active, but the galleries work on the product pages.

I don’t have much to say today, despite being completely overwhelmed with thoughts and feels, but I thought I’d pop in for a hello.  I’m pretty sure that comes across fairly clearly as I vomit my random thoughts into existence on this page.  I need a throttling mechanism for my brain.

In lieu of a real blog entry, I’ll leave you with this scenario:

You know how, in some office environments, people bring their dogs to work?  Now, imagine you’re employed by a large corporation and everyone brings their cats to work.  If you want to get really freaked out, imagine all the cats are triple the size of normal cats, but just as cuddly and psychotic.  Now imagine they have wings and they want the delicious tacos you just brought back to your cubicle for lunch.  And they have laser beam eyes. How the hell are you supposed to protect your tacos from the deadly (but adorable) giant flying cats?  HOW?

That shiz has been keeping me up at night, y’all.