On Words vs. Real Issues

Someone in my family recently discussed terminating their relationship with me for using profanity on my own facebook page, based on their assertion that good people, righteous people, people who are worth having relationships with don’t use filthy, hurtful words like “prick*.”

They asked me, “Which person are you? The one we love, or the one who uses foul language?” Apparently, based on my cussin’ (I prefer “linguistic glitter”), the little darling they always assumed was a Decent Citizen and Fairly Nice Girl had, to their shock and surprise, grown up to be an evil, worthless, free-thinking minx, peddling socialist ideals and recruiting hoards of dildo-wielding gays for our revolutionist army in smoky back alleys and seedy titty bars.

According to them, by saying “fuck” and other such unsavory, unladylike words (not just once or by accident, but regularly and just because I like the sound of ‘em rolling off my tongue), I have hereby waived any potential I might have had of doing good in this sad, godless old world that atheists and liberals are ruining for everyone.

Obviously profanity and degeneracy aren’t mutually exclusive. The Romanesque pillars of America are crashing down in a cloud of plaster dust around our very heads because of my ilk.

Because we prefer kindness and inclusiveness. Because we give a shit about ending institutionalized repression. Because we believe people should be cared for, healthy, and educated. Because we don’t want to live in a country that is constantly at war. O! From what sinister crevasse hath issued forth such disagreeable hell-spawn as my kind?

Yet they adamantly and stubbornly lower their heads and push toward a realization of their chosen political party leading our nation with a ripe crop of hate-mongering clowns. These elected officials use profanity openly, which doesn’t bother me even a little bit. But their speech is also strewn with outright racist, misogynist, and other intolerant language that causes actual harm. They say these things unabashedly in front of cameras for tender American children and the rest of the world to hear. It pains me to know some of my family members will be voting for these reprehensible bigots, come autumn.

They make up the ranks of passive Christians who give no shits whatsoever that black Christians in Africa are being slaughtered brutally and daily by violent repressive regimes, but who will murmur, “Oh my god, how awful for those poor people” over a flood of lighter-skinned, blue-eyed refugee children…until the moment they find out those refugees are Muslim, and then it’s safe to go back to hating them, too.

They are those who are so ignorant of history they can’t comprehend why religion and government should stay separate, even though proof of the devastating volatility of this mixture has asserted itself time and time again, and is currently happening just a mere trip across the ocean from where we now stand.

I say “fuck” and am threatened with familial exile.

On that note, I’d like to announce I shall now resume saying any word I damned well please without bothering to censor myself. There are much worse problems that need fixing in this world, problems that could use my efforts and attention more than agonizing over whether or not my language makes me appear a villain. If my people can still love the Republican party as it stands after this thoroughly engaging and terrifying shit-show of an election season, maybe they can reach down into the depths of their fearful hearts and find room for me, too.

As a side note, to those who would vote Trump in this upcoming presidential election because of Jesus/Christianity, you need to take a closer look at all that hate you’re swallowing from the people who are supposed to be your mighty leaders, because those people are doing the literal opposite of what Jesus would have done.

And to those who are considering not voting because you don’t believe “in the system,” you get your ass out these and you vote, dammit. Your vote counts. You count. We all do. And it’s going to take all of us to fix this ridiculous mess.


Don’t be alarmed! This is an elected Republican official speaking to a newspaper reporter. It’s fine if he uses this language because he’s on the “right” side, amirite? This guy might be a legit loon, but I’m adopting his battle cry forthwith.

*PRICK: a diseased penis in full human form. I used this word to describe a man who said he supported a pastor’s decision that woman and children in a mid-west homeless shelter should be thrown out on the street one frigid evening a couple days before Christmas. A few women had been known to engage in sexual acts while living in the shelter, thus the only Christian recourse was to throw all the women and children out in order to minimize the potential temptation to their sex-crazed male counterparts. There was no other emergency housing option in the region for these women that could be accessed without private transportation. Personally, I think the name I gave him was well-earned, but it was the catalyst behind potentially severing a relationship with someone in my immediate family. This is the kind of backward fucking logic I’m talking about.

One thought on “On Words vs. Real Issues

  1. jdandrews says:

    I’m sympathetic; I really am. I would like to give you a tiny bit of advice which I have never been able to follow myself, thereby severely limiting my own career development: “if your choice of words offends your audience, they won’t listen to your meaning”.

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