About Pookie

I have blogs about booze, weed, and tacos (the trifecta of good livin’!) and this rant and general rambles blog. Contrary to what it may look like from here, I am a super happy human who does not consider herself a victim in any way. However, some things need to be said, so don’t be too offended if you stumble upon some strong words spat out into the ether by yours truly.

I’m Pookie, and I’m madly flying through the stars in the good company of DJ Tytron, my furline friends Jackson & Bruce Lee, and Douglas Furbanks – Rabbit esq. I let the wind carry me where she will.  Someday, she will unpurse her lips and settle me to the earth softly; perhaps leaving me somewhere sunny where I can set my squirrelish roots into a bit of loam.

I sing pretty, swill whiskey, dig in the dirt, accomplish shenanigans, prefer the Oxford comma, and draw stuff. I also rage against the patriarchy and overall social injustice even while steeped in the recent and raw grief of tacos lost.

I currently live in New York, NY  Philadelphia, PA  Los Angeles, CA Olympia, WA Austin, TX Los Angeles, CA.

You can find me on facebook at my fan page at facebook.com/therealpookiemcnoodles or on

WE FEW – the musicmakings I share with my bestie (or here, at soundcloud).