My name’s Pookie, and I let the wind carry me where she will.  Someday, she will unpurse her lips and settle me to the earth softly; perhaps leaving me somewhere sunny where I can set my squirrelish roots into a bit of loam.

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator.

I sing pretty, play guitar well enough to get by, dig in the dirt enthusiastically, and like to paint with my fingers.  I love life, dance and laugh frequently, and enjoy quality food and an even qualitier scotch.  I live and bake gluten-free.

Life has blessed me with the company of two bunnies, a giant chattery fat cat, a tiny ninja cat, an amazing tribe of friends, and a perfect-for-me husband to accompany me on this grand journey through the stars.

I currently live in New York, NY  Philadelphia, PA  Los Angeles, CA Olympia, WA Austin, TX Los Angeles, CA.

You can find me on facebook at my fan page at facebook.com/therealpookiemcnoodles or on

WE FEW – the musicmakings I share with my bestie (or here, at soundcloud).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Mary S says:

    Just read your blog about honesty and trying to be yourself, despite how other people insist on seeing you. I struggle with that, too. Sometimes so much, I don’t really know who the real me is and I’m not sure if I’m being honest or donning another facade. Thank you. It was a great blog.

    • I really appreciate the feedback, Mary. I think it’s hard for *most* people to be completely honest all the time. And really, who would want to? Hell, sometimes I think embellishing stories about ourselves and our experiences is just more fun for everyone involved. You just have to be mindful that you still are able to love who you really are inside, and not get to the point that the stories supersede your true inner self, which is what I’m working on now. I think we can all drink to that, or eat a cupcake, or whatever it is we do to celebrate the good moments. 😉

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