Writes & Rambles

Hey guys, I (nearly) finished my new website!  The meat of the thing is all there, but there are some remaining blog entries I need to write so my home page will propagate all the image blocks.  I was really surprised to find that I have an actual portfolio now that reflects work with which I am happy and not embarrassed to show to new clients.  Some of my better pieces are mysteriously missing (probably on some external drive still buried in a moving box), but I’m pretty OK with what’s available. My work isn’t going to set any trends or win any awards, but it’s professional, at least.  A day after I finished it, I even got picked up for part-time overflow work by a local printer. 

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Hiatus + Another Move

Another FTW has come and gone. I did write my short story, but won’t be posting it at this time.  After quite a few pages (I won’t ever post anything longer than five pages here on the blog) I had a startling realization, which is that, unbeknownst to me, I have begun to flesh out a Universe I didn’t know existed.  The ties between all the stories I’ve tried to write in the past are there, clear as day to me now, though the plot of the greater tale has not made itself apparent to me.  Anyway, some small bits of unrelated stories are beginning to take shape and I’ll just have to keep writing my characters until the story appears.

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