Cake or Death?

I began seeing a new doctor on Friday. As he manipulated my arms, legs, and finger joints, his brow creased in concern.

“Wow, your right hand is seriously overworked. I need you to switch to your left hand — 100% for a while, ok?”

“I’m an illustrator; that’s probably not going to happen.”

“As much left as you can manage, then. The back and leg pain is concerning, too. This doesn’t look like a back injury. I usually only see this in patients who are carrying way too much stress for way too long. You’re a little on the young side to be experiencing this kind of prolonged stress. What’s your job like? Tell me about the breaks you take from work. Tell me about your boss.”

“My boss is the worst. Long hours, few breaks. I spend most of my waking hours working. Sometimes I forget or am too busy to stop and eat. I rarely get out to exercise, but that’s a catch-22 of the back and leg issues.”

He looked at me for a long moment with piercing eyes, as if to say, you already know what the problem is, then.

“Well, the boss is me. I run a small business.” Sheepish grin.  Ta-da.

There it is: I’ve done this to myself.

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Get Outta My Belly

Can we please stop already with the criticism what other people are eating? It’s old and tired, and you’re making me feel old and tired just having to explain this shit. This is about that meme you posted today, the one that says something derogatory about those of us who can’t or won’t eat gluten, dairy, or (insert other potential irritants and allergens and whatever people don’t want to eat for whatever reasons they have because they’re entitled to make that choice).

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Gluten-Free Shopping List


Oh, snap. Gluten 1, villi 0.

Some of my pals have been asking for this for a while, so here goes my (not comprehensive) attempt at a gluten-free shopping list.

The great thing about going gluten-free is that you’re going to naturally gravitate toward eating fewer processed foods because (a) there’s less selection of processed gf food that doesn’t cost the equivalent  of your firstborn child, and (b) because it’s easier just to eat whole foods than it is to labor over long, complicated labels trying to figure out if any of those twenty-character-long words are gluten in disguise.

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In a Nutshell

I’ve been engaged in quite a few conversations about food and health lately.  The DJ Tytron and I have somewhat persnickety dietary needs — some out of necessity, such as the complete omittance of gluten; some, simply because we feel better when we eat some things versus other things.  The list is flexible.  I’ve been asked a lot if we “do” Paleo, or if we “do” other diets. Continue reading

Invisible Kathy Bates

Hobbit-Monkey summit was going swimmingly up until last night, when, after a brisk hike at Walnut Creek, I demanded a visit to Barton Springs for late-night free swim.  We were waiting in the dark for the gates to open when I misstepped, tumbled down a short set of uneven, limestone steps and crack!  crunch! and crack! -ed both of my ankles.  One is clearly the sprained.  The other, I think, is also sprained, though Tyson seems to think I could have torn or broken something.  I’ve broken enough bones in my life to know what that feels like, and I think not. Continue reading

PF Chang’s Delivers

I don’t trust gluten-free menus at chain restaurants that serve non-GF food.  It’s a suspicion that may be unfounded, considering that, until now, I’ve had no previous instances of being served gluten-contaminated food.  Most restaurants still don’t have a gluten-free menu, and I’ve learned which dishes are generally safe, and those that might possibly contain trace amounts of gluten. If I eat out I do my best to stay away from anything even remotely suspect and make sure to carry my little bottle of GF soy sauce in my purse when we go to sushi.  Because that’s how I roll.  (Get it? ROLL?  SUSHI?  ha. HA. haha.)
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