Facebook’s Dangerous Policy

At the end of the day, all I can do is shrug and say, “It is what it is.”

What a stupid, fucking meaningless thing to say. But what else is there?

I cannot fight the behemoth power of facebook. I send in ID they request, and they reply that it’s not good enough, ask for more, then send yet another link to their acceptable ID list. “Here’s what we accept,” they say (again). I look at the list again just to be sure, but the options are dwindling. The acceptable forms I possess have been sent, including the kind of ID I keep in my small, locked fire safe: My US passport, social security card, and marriage certificate.

A while back, I wrote about being raped by someone who was a former Continue reading


Here’s to you, conspiracy theorists

I’d like to begin with a disclaimer:  I’m really sick right now; feverish, chilled, nauseated, slightly confused and in general, feeling like hammered dog shit.  Maybe that’s good, because the fever is destroying my filter.  This post will contain a lot of profanity and complete honesty.  I’m mad and fed up and delirious beyond the point of giving a shit.  Consider yourself warned. Continue reading